Countryside Experience

Escape to the Countryside: Hopping Down in Kent.

Travel back in time, watching the concrete jungle change to countryside, to experience the life of a hop picker down in Kent.

Carrying with them a personal journal to record their unique memories, Year 5 classes will be immersed in sensory and interactive activities working in small groups as families: exploring the original 1930’s hopper huts and the day to day life of hop-pickers in the 1940’s.

In the afternoon, children collect wood for the fire from the woodland, prepare the vegetable stew for supper and cook dough sticks over an open fire.

Opportunities for art with watercolours or clay, tree climbing, rope swinging and blackberry picking are encouraged throughout. One thing is certain; you will leave singing. “When you go down hopping, hopping down in Kent…”

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 just think this was an absolutely amazing experience for my class, they didn’t want to leave.
They really came into their own in the outdoors.
– Year 5 teacher, Kingsmead Primary

I  think if I was living in a bombed London I would love to come here. I really get it. Why they liked it so much.
I’d like to come in my summers now.
– Year 5 child 

Hopping Down in Kent Photos