Bespoke Special Schools Offer

In consultation with Special School leaders we have created a number of whole school programmes designed to their exact specification.

Past Projects

Past projects have included Outdoor Explorers for Ashmount Primary School and Moreland Bespoke for Moreland Primary School.


At Ashmount, a month-long residency at the nearby Parkland Walk enabled every class to take part in active, outdoor learning, with a different academic focus each year,with the overall aim of meeting curriculum requirements and bringing local heritage connections to life.   


For Moreland we took the whole school medium-term planning to create individual curriculum linked content for every class at nearby King’s Square Garden, including geography and orienteering.  

Bespoke programmes are an ideal way to enrich the curriculum without the need to use public transport to take learning off site and to unite the whole school in  a common learning journey.