Extended Countryside Day Visits

What people say


"From the moment we read the letter from the TGC team aloud to the Year 5 class the excitement and buzz about our 'Survival Adventure' was tangible. For most children, this was their first train ride and delighted cries of awe and wonderment as the train began to cut through beautiful rolling countryside in Kent could be heard rippling through the train carriage. This is something that really resonated with me, realising that this was to be their first experience of a rural environment and so many of their experiences that day would be completely new ones.

The day was so thoughtfully planned out to enable the most time spent outside being completely immersed in nature. I was amazed at how quickly our children latched on to the idea of


'survival', working in their teams to build and finesse their outdoor shelters using the clove hitch knots they had recently learnt to make them strong and secure.

Later, sitting round a camp fire after having devoured a delicious vegetable chilli, we took some time to reflect on the day.  Completely unbidden, comments echoed the same idea all around our fire circle of "so much better than just being stuck in playing games" and "who needs Roblox?!" and "why aren't we just outside like all the time?"

I cannot believe the wealth of experiences that just one day at this fantastic day camp gave our children. Striding back to Shoreham station, with the help of our freshly whittled walking aids, we felt like true outdoor survivors.

Thank you once again TGC for your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to instilling a love of the outdoors and respect for nature in our children. It was just a pleasure to observe a different side to the children I know so well, with shifts in group dynamics and new friendships forming and strengthening. Also, to see other such important life skills emerge; leadership, problem solving, persistence, divergent thinking. But above all, for all the children, regardless of previous experiences and backgrounds, one common feeling shared by all; one of genuine curiosity, carefree enjoyment and true respect and care for nature.”