We can deliver sessions linked to the key objectives of the national curriculum for KS1 right on your doorstep. 

Our facilitators are experts in making the learning relevant and engaging for young minds. 

Wrap up and get outside in all of the seasons! We will take care of everything and we are highly adaptable when working with small groups and children with SEN. 

Cost: £150 per two-hour session (maximum 30 pupils. Book 10+ two-hour sessions for a reduced rate.


The world came to my place today

The World Came to My Place Today

This geography session explores  sustainability and  fair-trade  with an emphasis on map reading. 

  • Find natural resources in everyday products and discover where in the world they come from.
  • Learn to navigate between eight compass points. 
  • Locate a range of countries on our giant global map. 

Children lose themselves in an enchanting story before developing  their inner geographer.

The Ground Beneath our Feet

History session with a London-centric focus. Children become archeologists exploring the layers of the past under their very feet!

  • Use the space outdoors to get a true sense of perspective on a timeline. 
  • Handle historic artifacts and identify their time period.
  • Ask questions to uncover what these artefacts tell us about the lives of people from the past. 

Your class develop drama skills as the archeological dig becomes the stuff of drama and pupils populate the past with their own imagination.


Mapping our World

A bespoke Geography session  which will link to  the ‘Where we Live’ topic, focusing on the area around your school. Also explores themes of citizenship.

  • Understand the 8 points of a compass and apply them to a real life setting.
  • Identify and use OS symbols.
  • Read a 6-point grid reference.

Students will apply their knowledge while making their own map.

hand and twig

Tree Tops & Treasure Trails

An active hands-on session combining geography and PE, which acts as an introduction to orienteering skills and map reading. 

  • Read maps in a real life context as you search for the hidden treasure. 
  •  Read runic symbols and puzzle out the hidden clues.
  • Be inspired by the wonderful world of trees. 

A superb session for bringing children together in a collaborative and stimulating team mission. 

KS1 smiling faces

Citizens of the World Unite

A session with a PSHCE focus that can be used across the whole school to promote mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Build communication through group and pair games and exercises.
  • Spark joy with nature connection crafts and activities.
  • Learn to use simple tools safely.  

An excellent session to build resilience, support friendships and increase self-esteem.


We have found, particularly, that children with social and emotional difficulties respond well to these sessions and are able to participate in group activities and work collaboratively with their peers.

A powerful way to restore some normality to their lives, help them to heal, overcome anxieties and rebuild relationships and friendships with staff and other children.

A nurturing environment in which to explore learning across the curriculum  in a relaxed atmosphere with all the advantages that being in the fresh brings for their mental and physical wellbeing.


Not Now Cyril!

A science session focusing on seasonal changes. Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Cyril the Squirrel. Cyril’s got the seasons all wrong. Help sort it out before he goes running up the wrong tree!

  • Identify the features of the four seasons. 
  • Enjoy drama and role play to think about how the seasons affect us all. 
  • Articulate ideas and give logical justifications.

Children explore the unique qualities of the current season by exploring  the outdoor environment and creating nature themed land art. 


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What Lives in the Park?

Set up practical enquiries to uncover woodland and wetland habitats. 

  • Identify, observe, predict and record findings in a mini beast hunt and pond dipping discovery using simple equipment. 
  • Look at the park seasonally.
  • Explore what lives in the park whilst developing an understanding of food chains. 

Present findings in fun role play activities as Garden Guides.

Email: info@stevebainbridge.net

Know How Plants Grow

Get up close to a variety of plants, developing subject knowledge. 

  • Understand the function of roots, stems, leaves and flowers. 
  • Find out about the pollination process.
  • Get to know the lifecycle of a plant and what it needs to survive.

Hands-on activities include digging up roots and investigating the jobs they do, and a plant ID hunt.


Trees Please Me

Using all the senses, build vocabulary, knowledge and enthusiasm by exploring different trees. 

  • Work scientifically to record observations and label trees.
  •  Differentiate between deciduous and evergreen.
  • Understand the trees as different habitats that promote biodiversity.

At first the children were really unsure about being outside: they were squeamish about insects and mud; they complained about the wet and the cold. It didn’t take very long for all of that to change.

Week by week we have seen them open up like flowers in the spring:-) They anticipate the sessions now and talk enthusiastically about it all week. It really has become the highlight! 

Thank you once again TGC for your passion, enthusiasm and commitment to instilling a love of the outdoors and respect for nature in our children. It was just a pleasure to observe a different side to the children I know so well.



Poets in the Park

Transform your class into poets. Choose between water, trees, or butterflies as the theme of your session. 

  • Read, learn and perform inspiring poetry.
  • Build vocabulary and poetic techniques including simile, metaphor, personification and onomatopoeia.

Take your poetry back to school for display.


Step into a Story

We’ve chosen our favourite nature tales and brought them to life. Bring your class into the world of the story with our engaging trained TGC actors.

Develop spoken language skills and take part in role play and performance. Costumes and props make each session memorable. Choose from the following stories:

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
  • The Enormous Turnip
  • Alfie’s Shop
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
boy thriugh daffodils KS1

Wonderful World of Writing

Use the natural environment as a stimulus for creative narrative work. Choose between either water or trees. 

  • Develop a structured plan for an original story. 
  • Take inspiration from both observation and imagination. 
  • Explore how the senses in writing can make description even more powerful.

Thank you to everyone at TGC! I’ve been booking your workshops for years now and have never been disappointed. It’s great to give my class such rich and meaningful learning experiences.

Looking at each unit’s objectives I see you have touched on every single one. Amazing! I could never provide such variety and depth of experiences in the classroom. Learning outdoors brings so many topics to life!

It was just a pleasure to observe a different side to the children I know so well, with shifts in group dynamics and new friendships forming and strengthening. 


Pizza Plot

This full day session combines discussion on diet, nutrition and exercise with garden exploration to see how food grows. 

  • A great way to combine food technology, maths and science and engage your pupils in where food comes from. 
  • Plan, harvest, and measure out ingredients to create individual pizzas from scratch cooked in our clay pizza oven and enjoyed by all. 

For a class of 30 at a cost of £270.

bread butter jam

Jam, Bread and Butter

If you’re looking for a half-day food technology experience, book this session and get the whole class involved!

  • Shake up ingredients that transform into churned butter. 
  • Discover growing garden fruits with traditional preservation techniques.
  • Work in groups to make dough for bread rolls to take back to school. 

A fun and fast paced food session! 

£150 per 2-hour session.