Garden Classroom Climate Change for Kids Offer

The Garden Classroom is offering Islington Schools two-hour, active, outdoor learning sessions. These will give your children a positive and empowered attitude and provide teachers with the resources and ideas to sustain the impact back at school.

Our sessions are curriculum linked, and incorporate science, drama and literacy. Children will develop debating skills; gather data and learn to work scientifically by asking relevant questions and gathering evidence.

We will take the issue of Climate Change and educate your children by giving the issue context. They will be empowered to respond positively and act locally. We can also offer whole school assemblies and differentiated sessions to meet the needs of all pupils.

‘Climate Change for Kids!’ directly meets the standards set out in the 2019 Ofsted framework by:

  • Developing pupil voice.
  • Extending the curriculum beyond the academic, technical or vocational.
  • Supporting the discovery of children’s interests and talents.
  • Promoting mentally and physically healthy pupils.

It also meets the Ofsted standards for Pupil Contribution, stating that inspectors should evaluate: 

  • The extent to which pupils, including those from different groups, take on responsibilities and play a part in the school and wider community.
  •  The proportion of pupils from different groups who take on positions of responsibility and leadership in school and in the wider community, such as leadership and volunteering activities promoted through the school.
  • The proportion of pupils from different groups who participate in activities which contribute to the quality of life in, and sustainable development of, the school and wider community.

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