ecoACTIVE is an innovative environmental education charity.

They offer workshops and courses for schools and community groups, and support community gardening projects.

On their website you can find online Outdoor Learning Activities and they also deliver eco-workshops in schools or in the school’s local green area from Early Years to Secondary School (Food, Recycling and Waste, Wild City).

Opening times and fees

£180 for one session per visit

£280 for two sessions per visit

£380 for three sessions per visit

Prices include preparation for and delivery of the session(s) as well as basic resources and travel to and from the venue if nearby. There may be additional cost if we need to travel further to deliver the session.

Prices are based on one member of our team delivering the session. In some instances it may be appropriate for a second member of our team to be present, for which there will be additional cost.

Any additional charges will be discussed prior to booking.

Maximum class size: 30 pupils.

Contact details

020 8510 0113


Kingsmead Kabin 8-9 Kingsmead Way London E9 5QG