Parkland Walk

Unlike much of the Walk which is formed by steep embankments or cuttings, this area is on gently sloping ground to the side of the main path shortly after entering from Holmesdale Road.

A meandering path leads visitors around a series of habitat features, and signage provides simple introductions to various aspects of nature, flora and fauna and how we can all play a part to make the environment we occupy more friendly to the natural world.

There’s also this Education Pack produced by Islington council, Haringey Council and Railway Fields which provides lots of information if you want to organise walks and tours with your pupils.

Opening times and fees

9.00am – 6.30pm every day of the week during British Summer Time

Closes at 4.30 during normal GMT

School and youth groups are invited to have access to the site during weekdays by arrangement.

Other information or resources

This path is shared between Haringey and Islington Council.

Contact details

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Parkland Walk