Information to prepare for your visit


Part of learning outside the classroom is learning about the weather. So we will be outdoors in all weather except a thunderstorm.

If there’s light rain, snow, wind, mist or hot sunshine we will continue with our lesson but we will ensure that outdoor work is balanced with indoor work so that the group’s comfort and safety is not at risk.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

We will be outdoors for most of the session so children should be dressed appropriately.

It’s ideal if children can wear clothes they don’t mind getting a bit dirty. It’s not just children: please make sure your TA and accompanying adults are appropriately dressed too. And you.

In winter, we recommend a warm waterproof coat, wellington boots or other sturdy footwear and a hat and gloves.

In summer, children should have suncream applied before they arrive for the session. Sunhats should be worn and long trousers are recommended for protection.


We will provide children with a mid-session snack and drink.  If you want children to bring packed lunches to eat on site following their workshop we can arrange this if you let us know in advance.

Accompanying adults

For the session to be successful you need to bring the appropriate number of responsible adults for the size of the group and they must remain throughout the session.

The table below outlines the required ratios. We may, with great regret, have to cancel a workshop when too few adults attend. Please note that our workshop facilitators cannot be counted as making up the number of adults.

Age of children in the group 4-8 years: 1 adult per 6 children
Age of children in the group 9-12 years: 1 adult per 8 children
Age of children in the group 13-18 years: 1 adult per 10 children

Please encourage accompanying adults to join in and not just watch because it increases children’s enjoyment and learning whedon adults are involved.

We regretfully do ask that parent volunteers should please not bring young siblings.


It would be great if we could have permission to take some photos of the workshop in progress for our own records. If you are happy for us to do this we will send you a photo permission form to fill in and sign.

Risk assessment

You should conduct your own risk assessment for the visit. We can arrange a time to escort you around the site should you need us to.

With the booking form TGC will send you a risk assessment for the venue.

When you arrive with the children  we will ask you to sign to confirm that you have read it and shared relevant information with accompanying adults.