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We can deliver sessions linked to the key objectives of the KS2 right on your doorstep.
Our facilitators are experts in making the experience relevant and magical for little learners.

Wrap up and get outside in all of the seasons! We will take care of everything and we are highly adaptable when working with small groups and children with SEN.

We’re here to help you find what’s best for you.

There are multiple ways that you can get in touch with us, please feel free to choose whatever you’d prefer.

We can cater to almost any situation, and there’s no obligation to book once you’ve spoken with us.

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Activities & Programmes by Subject

The World Came to My Place Today

A geography session exploring sustainability and fair-trade with an emphasis on map reading.

  • Find natural resources in everyday products and discover where in the world they come from.
  • Learn to navigate between eight compass points.
  • Locate a range of countries on our giant global map.
  • Lose themselves in an enchanting story before developing their inner geographer.

The Ground Beneath our Feet

History session with a London-centric focus. Children become archeologists exploring the layers of the past under their very feet!

  • Use the space outdoors to get a true sense of perspective on a timeline.
  • Handle historic artefacts and identify their time period.
  • Ask questions to uncover what these artefacts tell us about the lives of people from the past.
  • Develop drama skills as the archaeological dig becomes the stuff of drama and pupils populate the past with their imagination.

Mapping our World

A bespoke Geography session  which will link to  the ‘Where we Live’ topic, focusing on the area around your school. Also explores themes of citizenship.

  • Understand the 8 points of a compass and apply them to a real life setting.
  • Identify and use OS symbols.
  • Read a 6-point grid reference.
  • Apply knowledge while making a map.

Control Points, Coordinates and Coding

An ideal session for Years 5&6, this is an orienteering session with a geography focus and maths challenge.

  • Understand the 8 points of a compass and apply them to a real life setting.
  • Use map reading skills to orienteer a local park.
  • Apply newly acquired knowledge to make a map.
  • Culminates using the great outdoors as the setting for human battleships!

Next steps

You can choose as many sessions from above as you would like; each session lasts 2 hours unless stated otherwise and costs £150. If you book 10 in one go then you get a significant discount.

If you would like to make any changes to any of the sessions, whether in their content, or the length of time, we can always find ways to adapt them to whatever works best for you!

The best thing to do is to get in touch with us, whether over email or giving us a ring, and we can chat through what the best options are for you and your school.

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