Hobbs Hill Kent Countryside

Following the success of our Brilliant Residential camping pilot last year with a class of Year 6’s from an Islington primary school, TGC is launching its first 2-night camping experience in May 2017 for Year 5 classes in three lucky primary schools in Islington and Hackney.

This will be an experience of a lifetime. Groups will sleep in tents in an ex-hop pickers field in Kent, hike through woodlands and across fields, discover how to build a fire with no matches and learn how to forage for wild foods.

An adventure immersed in the natural world. If you would like to know more about our Brilliant Residential or how you can get involved, please email phoebe@thegardenclassroom.org.uk

Teachers said:

“It was an excellent opportunity for science: dispersal of seeds, animals and plants, Earth in Space, sunsets and sunrise, length of shadows, condensation of dew, fire, boiling points in cooking, geography: reading maps, history: hop pickers, art and DT, and PHSCE: social skills and team work, overcoming their fears and trying new things, having new experiences, being organised and independent, helping each other and encouraging.”

Excellent energy levels, very well organised. Risk assessments were thorough with the children’s safety being paramount. Obviously well-planned with wide range of activities. I would recommend this experience as it allowed the children to feel the freedom of the outdoor experience and enjoy themselves.”

Click below to see the film from our Brilliant Residential camping trip in May 2017 with 3 Islington and Hackney schools.

To view full screen on Vimeo click here.